Welcome to... now hang on, where are we ____________________?

Ah yes, Sneak Design. Lovely.


But but... it looks a little different from last time you were here?


A BIT OF NEWS: What you knew as Sneak Design, the clothing, accessories and artworks, are now produced under the name


*yes it's a bit of a weird name


Sneak Design has ballooooned a little and now oversees THE GENTLY UNFURLING SNEAK as well as side projects, such as illustration and web design. Itís kind of an umbrella brand. We like umbrellas. Also thinking up long and complicated names for our sub-umbrella brands.

RIGHT so you should probably have a look at

The Gently Unfurling Sneak website where all the old classics are located, as well as some excellent newness. And there'll be a new website here sometime in the future that will display all the fruits of the Sneak Design empire. Email hello@sneakdesign.com.au if you need information RIGHT NOW. Or just to say hi.